Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1955 Kailua Study Group - How to Pray - 1 -
Master #114 - Tape 5 - Side 2

Let us pray for anything we want that is not of this world. And I think that you will find that as you take that attitude you will be nearing that of the scripture that says, "We know not what we should pray for." We must let the Spirit bear witness with our Spirit. "We know not what things we should pray for." And it is true, if your prayer is to be limited to that which is not of this world, then you don't know what to pray for, and so your prayer would surely be listening for that Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. It wouldn't be any different, than the writers, the painters, the artists, the music composers are up against every day of their lives. They want to bring forth something, but it must be something that had no existence before. There's no use writing a book that's been written before. There's no use painting a picture that's been done before. There's no use inventing an invention that's been invented before. And so how would these men pray? They would have to learn to turn within for a revelation of something heretofore unknown. And that is an indication of us in prayer. What is the use of our praying for the same things that we've been having for the last 20, 30, 40, 50 years, which have not given us the satisfaction or completeness or perfection after we've gotten them? Of what avail would it be to have a little more of that which hasn't satisfied to begin with? Probably it would be a little more of dissatisfaction come with it. Now, we know not what to pray for. We do know that that which we are seeking is already within us. The whole kingdom of God is within us. The whole of the spiritual universe is within us. We know that. And we know that making statements about it, and reading books about it does not bring it forth. It only leads us to a point where in the silence, or where we are prepared to be in the silence to receive the Grace of God. Here is the secret. We really know what we are seeking. We don't know what things we are seeking. We don't know what things to pray for, but we know what we are seeking. We are seeking the Grace of God, since thy Grace is my sufficiency. We know that. We know to begin with that we are seeking the Grace of God and nothing but the Grace of God, and we know that we're not going to get it out of the human mind. And we know that we're not going to get it out of a bank account. And we know that we're not going to get it out of the peace that this world can give. And so, since what we are seeking is a Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God or divine Grace, and since we know that it can only be attained by a state of inner silence, a state of inner awareness - receptivity - it will become necessary for us to prepare ourselves for the experience of receiving that Grace.

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