Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1955 Kailua Study Group - Seek Knock Ask
Master #118 - Tape 9 - Side 1

There will always be hospitals and cemeteries as long as there is somebody unwilling to look the situation right in the face and know that every one of these appearances has existence only as a universal mental belief -- a suggestion of a selfhood apart from God, of a law apart from God, as a condition apart from God -- as long as there are people willing to believe that God is some great power that can heal disease or enrich them there will be no end to these things called hospitals and cemeteries. They will only come when we individually say, "What is the nature of that which is appearing to us as sin, disease, and death? It's been fooling us long enough, generations enough. What is the nature of this?" and then find out that it's a telephone call about a rumor of something. Why? How did we accept the rumor? Because we didn't know Christ as the identity of every individual on the face of the globe. Once we knew that we could reject every rumor and say, "So what? What harm can you do to Christ?" Crucify it and see if it doesn't walk the earth again. Entomb it and see if it doesn't. No use in denying the crucifix no use denying the tomb. But what of it? What of it? Is it a power? Is it a presence? No!

Our metaphysicians walk around saying, "It isn't true. It never happened." It is true and it did happen, but what of it? What power did it have? What presence did it have?

So it is with us. What difference does it make? Is there an activity apart from God? Is there a soul apart from God? Is there a being apart from God? Is there a mind? Is there a law apart from God? No -- "I know not any," says Isaiah, "I know not any." There are no other Gods before me. There are no other Gods but me. There are no other Gods but one and that one is the "I am" of your being and of my being and of his being and her being and its being. And now even though you are not in this room and the telephone call comes to me that you are sick or sinning or poor or dead, I must be alert enough to say, "That's a rumor, because I'm looking right at the Christ of God, and I know that Christ is the only identity of individual being."

Do you not see that only that constitutes an individual who is set apart from mortal belief? Do you not see that only an individual who has in some measure realized that Christ is individual identity, that each one is the child of God, and so that when the rumors come of sin, disease, death, lack, and limitation, we can say, "So what? What power is there in such rumors and beliefs? What power is there even if somebody accepts such things? I know not any. I'm not concerned what somebody else accepts or believes. What am I accepting?"

Now in the light of that let us everyday ask and knock and seek, but for more and more light. Let us remember that which was given to us recently -- we can pray for anything we want in the world as long as its something not of `this world.' Never forget that. Never, never pray for anything that is of `this world' because you can't demonstrate it spiritually. Pray all you want, ask all you want, seek all you want, knock all you want -- only be sure that it's for something is not of `this world.'

Now let us meditate. . . .

Now comes the shortest part but the most important part of this whole lesson. Why after all this was it necessary to meditate? Because not one bit of this was of any importance to anybody in the world except in the degree of the click or realization. It exists only in the realm of thought or statement or anything else you want until it becomes vital, alive, active, through realization. Do you see now that knowing the truth as we have been knowing it for an hour is but one part and the least part of the whole demonstration. The greatest part comes in the next minute when we stop our voicing of truth, go within and let God put the seal on it. When God places the seal on it by giving us a second of realization, a feeling of "It is done" or "I am on the field" then and then alone is the other 59 minutes worth while. So it is with your individual treatments. You may declare all of these things about every rumor or temptation that comes to you. You may go through all the routine of remembering, probably even memorizing every word of this but remember this that you have accomplished nothing for yourself or for the world until you have had God's seal placed on it in meditation, by an inner assurance -- "It is done" -- "It is well" -- "I am on the field" -- or a release.

You see, I would like to bring you release from the thoughts and the things of the world. Now, I can only bring -- God can only bring you -- Christ can only bring you a release from the thoughts and things of the world when you have consciously known this letter of truth and then gone within for the actual experience or consciousness of truth. It is not the words we say or think or write or read, but the consciousness of it that we attain in our meditation. And so I say to you also, we could just as well have avoided this whole last 59 minutes by starting off the first minute with the meditation and then going home. Always remember that -- that the only reason for reading books and having classes and hearing lectures is to lead up to the point of realization. But the day will ultimately come when we won't need the whole 59 minutes, we will take the 60th minute in the first minute and achieve the same result. Because the result is achieved not by what we've said or heard but by the degree of realization of it -- the click. Never forget that. With all of the truth knowing that takes place in your consciousness during the day or night, do not be satisfied with it until you have gone into meditation and gotten or received or achieved that inner release which says, "God is on the field."

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