Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1956 Seattle Closed Class - Neither Good Nor Evil
Master #166 - Tape 3 - Side 1

There are two questions asking, "How did the thought of good or evil come about in the Garden of Eden?" And my answer is, "How do you know that the thought of good or evil came about in the Garden of Eden? Have you experienced it. Why don't you wait a year and practice the lesson that we are having here tonight and then see whether the belief of good or evil ever did spring up, because up to this minute you have no knowledge that it did. None whatsoever. So you're asking a suppositional question. And nobody could answer that. You will be able to answer it within a year. All you have to do is to begin tonight to practice this lesson."

When you leave here and go to your room, think for a few moments on the vital problems that are disturbing you -- your own or your children or your grandchildren. And as you think about them ask yourself, "Are these conditions good or evil? And who said so? Who told me that these were good or evil?" And then remember you are part of a class receiving instruction. And the instruction that you are receiving is that there is neither good nor evil. And in spite of all the beliefs about it, it can't make it any more real than if you were to believe that two times two are five. If somebody were to give you two objects and two objects and left you alone in a room with them for a whole year, you couldn't get five out of them. It's an impossibility regardless of what your belief would be to get more than four out of two times two. Because a belief can't make anything so. And all we want to know at this moment is -- Is this sin evil? Is this disease evil? Now the question is also asked, "Did God create it?" Did God create evil? I think you know better than that. If God created eternality or immortality -- if there is nothing in God that defileth or maketh a lie -- certainly God didn't create evil. If God didn't create evil who did? Or have you been entertaining a belief in good and evil? If you are who gave you that belief? You don't know now but you will know a year from now. You'll know exactly where it came from. But at this time you can know nothing more than this -- that there is neither good nor evil. That the entire first chapter of the Bible is dedicated to revealing a state of consciousness of spiritual perfection, wholeness, completeness, without material processes. And that there is no other creation until someone accepts a belief in good and in evil. And then what happens? The very moment that a belief in good and evil is accepted, we are outside the kingdom of harmony -- the kingdom of God. And the moment we are out there what happens? A material creation takes place.

Now what created the second chapter of Genesis creation? The belief in good and evil. And everything that's reported in the second chapter of Genesis as having been created was created out of the belief of good and evil. It is not a God creation. It is not a spiritual creation and it is not subject to God, and it is not subject to the law of God, and it is not subject to the government of God, and that is why spiritual healing cannot take place on a human plane. Spiritual healing can only take place when you have stopped thinking of the person and the disease and the condition and the belief and the claim, and returned to Eden where there is neither good nor evil, where there is only God -- Spirit -- wholeness and completeness. No one can ever be a spiritual healer who works from the standpoint of effect -- who prays from the standpoint of trying to correct something in the Adam world. Because if you succeeded you'd just have a pleasant dream instead of an unpleasant one. If you succeeded in improving this picture you would only have good materiality instead of bad materiality. You still would not be near the kingdom of God.

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