Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1956 Portland Closed Class - The Garden of Eden -- Neither Good Nor Evil - 2
Master #170 - Tape 1 - Side 2

There is neither good nor evil. That is our basic truth. There is neither good nor evil. All there is is God and God being. But stating that in and of itself does not always bring about the change that we would expect. So there must be this further step of inner communion which results in the Spirit being released. Now watch this, you've all had experience trying to meditate and I'm sure that most of you have found it difficult and probably still have some difficulties with it. Now watch the difference as you sit back to meditate and first think of anything you like and with your eyes closed look at it and begin to realize this is neither good nor evil. Neither good nor evil. Just man or dog or cat or woman. This is neither good nor evil. And watch how quickly your thought settles right down in to peace. Because I discovered something. Nobody can think unless they're thinking about something good or evil. There isn't anything you could think about unless you give it the title of good or evil. You can only be at peace. You can contemplate let us say some beautiful flowers. No, they're not good or evil, but they're surely beautiful. And you're already at peace.

Look at a person or look at a home, look at an animal and agree -- neither good nor evil here just the Grace of God the Peace of God. And see how quickly you settle right down into meditation. It is almost accomplished in the twinkling of an eye as long as you have nothing good or evil to think about. Nothing that you hate or fear or love. Just something that you contemplate without emotion. And you see it is the good and evil that arouses the emotion. When it is neither good or evil there is no emotion. There is only what we might call pure joy -- spiritual joy. See if you don't settle back quickly. See that. And you watch now as you learn to meditate that way looking at anything or anyone you like but withdrawing your concepts of good and evil. Settle into that peace and it'll only take a few minutes until the peace that passeth understanding begins to touch you and you feel that presence within you and sometimes even hear the Word Itself or hear a message of release, of assurance, of freedom. And in between comes that passage "Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things." And see how your thought is taken away from all persons and conditions. You're completely released in the knowledge that you have no need of persons and conditions. You have no fear of persons or conditions and that too, settles you into your peace. "Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things," and immediately the physical or material bondage that you were in to person or circumstance or condition just evaporates -- "Thy Grace" -- free of all human ties.

And so it is that all of the discords of this life -- having to earn one's living by the sweat of the brow, having to bring forth children with pain and labor, all of this came with knowing good and evil. All of this ends when we no longer know good or evil and puts us right back there in the Garden of Eden -- God maintained, God sustained, God equipped, the wisdom of God, the life of God, the love of God, the flow of God and nothing else but that.

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