Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1957 Second Halekou Closed Class - Individual Discovery of Truth - 2
Master #193 - Tape 1 - Side 2

Those who are led to the point where you are today -- even those of you who are just beginning on this way -- you are ready for the experience of meditation and those who have it must prepare themselves for deeper forms of meditation until they arrive at an actual communion with God. Communion is meditation carried to a far deeper degree. Communion is that point of meditation where you actually come into the experience of tabernacling with the Spirit of God within you -- where it is even possible to have conversations with God. Or where it is possible to sit and receive these beautiful impartations -- sometimes in words or thoughts, sometimes just in awareness, just in sensing. But at least it is that point of communion where there seems to be a flow between God and me -- and an incoming and an outgoing, a turning and a returning, an inner communion, a sweetness, a gentleness, a peacefulness -- sometimes that transcends all words and thoughts. And, of course, that's not the stopping place. Because as one reaches there one eventually transcends that to where one's own self completely disappears and there's nothing left but God. It's a completely pure state of being and in those moments one is not only aware of themselves, one may well be aware of themselves out in the grass, or in the trees, or in the birds, or in the sea. It is a sense of self that has no finite or corporeal limitation. It's not an imaginary state because if it were you could bring it on at will. It isn't anything one can bring on or induce. It is something that automatically comes at a certain state of realization and revelation.

Now it was through such experiences that the classes which now form the books "Living the Infinite Way," "Practicing the Presence," and "The Art of Meditation" have come. You must remember that none of those books were written as books. You must remember that in my whole life I've never written a book. All of these which are in print now and seems to be some authors writing, actually were just messages that were spoken as this one is being spoken and was later printed on paper. None of my works were ever written as a book is written. None were ever thought out in advance. None ever had notes drawn up, or a outline or a diagram. None ever had a subject or a way of formation. Every one of them came as this one is coming just out of meditation -- and it's being taken down on a recorder and eventually it will be a book, or an article, or a monthly letter -- it'll be in print somewhere and somebody will wonder when Joel gets the time to write all these books. Well, fortunately he doesn't need time because he doesn't write them.

Now it was in these meditations and as a result of this work that this particular unfoldment came. And while it appears all through all of the Infinite Way writings it came to a head in the First Honolulu Closed Class -- it was the subject of the first and second night.

The first night was "The Nature of God as I" but the second night was "The Nature of Individual Being" -- your being and mine. Now this constitutes -- and as I say you'll find this all the way back in my earliest writings -- but this constitutes one of the major premises that every student of the Infinite Way must learn even if at first they learn it only intellectually, and then later discern it spiritually.

And that is this: You are not man. And you are not woman.

You are not an effect. And you are not creation.

You are I.

And that is why when you name yourself that is the name you give yourself -- "I". And even if you say Mary Jones after it, it's understood that you have first said "I". That's why legal documents say that -- "I, Mary Jones", and so on. "I" am not Mary Jones. I am "I" but I give myself the name Mary, Bill, Joel...

But always remember this, "I am I." And that's your true identity. And because of this you cannot receive anything even from God.

Now here you have a major premise of the message of the Infinite Way. There's no use of praying to God for anything even if you could because you can't get it. The nature of my Being is I, and I is infinite.

"I and the Father are one, and all that the Father hath is mine."

That has nothing to do with the future tense. That has nothing to do with whether or not I'm good, bad, or indifferent. That has to do with the real nature of my Being. It has to do with, "Ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free."

And the truth is, "I am I."

Moses gave it to the world, "I am that I am." And Jesus accepted that very same statement, "I am that I am."

"I am" is the nature of your individual Being and that is why we have scriptural passages that show you how to live from that basis.

"Cast your bread upon the waters." It doesn't say a word about pleading or begging for bread. It says, "Cast your bread." All the way through scripture you can find proof that good flows out from our being it does not flow to our being. If you wish to see the miserable lives that some people live because they're sitting around waiting for love to come to them. And others are waiting for friendship to come to them. And others are waiting for justice and for mercy to come to them. And they wait and they wait and they beg and they plead and they pray and it doesn't come. And if only they knew that there's only one way in which they can ever demonstrate having love, abundance, mercy, justice, goodness -- and that's to give it out. Express it. Let it flow out. Cast your bread upon the waters.

"I and my Father are one and all that the Father hath in mine. Son thou art ever with me and all that I have is thine."

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