Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1957 Second Halekou Closed Class - A Meditation: Release God - 1
Master #196 - Tape 4 - Side 2

Now you have been in class long enough to hear this and you have a couple of more days in which to demonstrate some measure of this. And those of you who still have with you things that require what we call healing should listen carefully and should spend some many, many quiet periods each day, each night for the balance of this week to see what degree of demonstration you can bring forth through this.

First I will tell you something that you must remember. And it would be well if you would remember it each time that you sit down to help yourself or heal yourself. Now weíre not going to deal with the healing of anyone else in this period. Weíre just going to take you and whatever physical, mental, moral, financial problems you may be carrying in your mind. You already know that because they are in your mind that they are not power. They are the arm of flesh. But now I want to give you something to start your meditation when you sit down.

You cannot get God to do your will. There is no use sitting down in this work and believing that you can bring God to your rescue. There is nothing that you can do that will sway God or move God out of Its orbit. And the first thing to do is release yourself from the belief that you are going to get God, or anyone else for you, is going to get God to do anything for you. If there is any doing you will have to do it for God. God is not going to come to you. You must go to God. God will not change Its ways to benefit you, heal you, or bless you. You must change your ways to receive Godís grace. In the experience that I told you of it wasnít God that did something for the man and his supply, it was the man who did something to bring himself in accord with Godís law and then he found the law was operating all the time. He had held himself outside of it. Your problems and mine are due to the fact that we hold ourselves outside of Godís law. You canít bring God in to your disobedience or to your ignorance. But you can become obedient and spiritually wise. You cannot bring God to you but you can bring yourself to God.

You heard last night that your righteousness must exceed that of the scribes and the Pharisees. They obeyed the law. They were good men and women. In fact they were much better than good. They absolutely held rigidly to the obedience of the law. Yet the Master says that your righteousness must exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees. There is something that you must do more than obeying the Ten Commandments -- something that you must do more than just being good humans. What is that something more? That is why we meditate. In our meditation we receive our illumination and our correction. In our meditation we submit ourselves to God. We listen and we obey that which comes to us. What Iím saying to you this moment is that if your meditation doesnít change your state of consciousness, donít expect too much from it. Because it isnít God that youíre looking to -- God is already being God. Itís a change of consciousness within you.

No one sits out here judging you but you yourself know that regardless of how good you may be humanly that there is still some spiritual demand which you are not fulfilling. You may be in ignorance of it. If so, become spiritually wise. You may be willfully disobedient. If so, correct yourself. Bring yourself into attuned at-one-ment -- alignment with the laws of God. Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. Are we doing that? Search yourself. If you havenít been, begin now. Have you prayed? For yourself, yes. For others? Ask yourself. Have you prayed for your enemies? Have you really prayed and forgiven those who despitefully use you or your neighbor, or your church, or your community, or your nation? Are you holding yourself in bondage to worldly hates and fears and doubts? Have you come into an inner agreement that God is? Have you come into an inner agreement that where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty, and merely prayed that the spirit of the Lord God descend upon you? Father forgive us our secret faults, our hidden faults -- they may even be hidden from us. Godís task is that we clothe the naked and feed the hungry. Are we doing that or just our own naked and our own hungry ones? Godís law is in operation. Are we fulfilling the laws that make us subject to them? Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, means acknowledge Him in all thy ways -- means to see God as the one, the only, law, substance, cause, effect. Love thy neighbor as thyself. No one has to explain that to you but inwardly you and I both must often ask ourselves, ďAm I loving my neighbor as I love myself. Am I really living up to even my own highest concept of that right? Am I in tune with God? Am I looking to man whose breath is in his nostrils for anything? Am I fearing some power apart from God? Am I fearing the future? Am I fearing the past? Have I acknowledged Godís grace as the same yesterday, today, and forever?Ē

I cannot bend God to my will. I cannot make God heal me. I can yield myself to Godís will. I can surrender my will, my way, my demands. I can place myself under Godís wing. I can give myself to His care.

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