Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1958 Sydney and Melbourne Closed Class - The Christ - 1
Master #201 - Tape 3 - Side 2

Now we have learned first of all that there is this God and that it's ever available right where we are in any circumstances. Don't forget that it's just as available when we're going through the fire, when we're going through the floods, when we're going through the hurricanes, when we're going through the valley of the shadow of death -- it's just as available. Don't turn your back on it because you're in a problem. That's the time to reach out harder than ever. And we've learned that it is God that worketh in you. And so when the going gets very tough that's the time to relax not the time to tighten up, that's not the time to get fearful, that's not the time to get tensed and strained. That's the time to relax and realize, "I don't have to do this." It is God that worketh in me. It is not the whirlwind. It's not the hurricane, the storm, that reflects God, it's the still small voice. It is the gentle Christ.

And so we come to that final word. From Genesis to Revelation we have God and the presence of God and the might of God and the power of God and the strength of God but as we come to the end of the Bible from the New Testament on, from Matthew on, we begin to learn a new word. And that word is the Christ. "I can do all things through Christ." "I live yet not I. Christ liveth in me." And there we come to a word that defies definition or analysis or interpretation even. It's a word that you have to take, or a term that you have to take just as it is without any explanations -- without any appeal to the reasoning mind to understand it. For the more you try to understand it the less you'll have of it. The more you can accept the Christ without question, without any desire to analyze or understand it, the more of it you will have. The more you try to mentally probe the less you will have.

Scripture tells us that there are four temporal kingdoms using metals as a base but we know that it means forms of matter. And that these four temporal kingdoms will be destroyed. And then it tells us that these will be destroyed by a rock that is carved out of the side of a mountain without hands. That's pretty nearly ridiculous as you can get -- a rock carved out of the side of a mountain without hands will fall on the four temporal kingdoms and crush them. Well you see even though you could not analyze such a statement or humanly reason it out still you can spiritually discern that there is that which is invisible and infinite -- which takes from all material form its power so that in our consciousness we understand that the consciousness is not in the form but in the invisible Creator of the form. Now that statement doesn't mean that the world is going to do away with gold or silver or brass or atomic energy - it doesn't mean that at all. It means that the Christ is going to take the destructive elements out of the forms of this world and govern them. Now you have already seen that done for instance in the case of electricity where the mind of man governs electricity and its uses and its activities - harnesses it for man's purpose. The mind does that. In the same way right now you are witnessing that atomic force is being harnessed and some day will be harnessed not to destroy man but to serve man and so the destructive force will be out of atomic energy and atomic energy will be a gentle little lamb governed by the mind of man -- the mind of man. That very rock on which our life is based -- the mind -- which has no material form and yet it's the source of our intelligence or the seed of it or the avenue of it. That mind will harness every bit of this atomic power and eventually atomic power will be just as gentle a lamb as electricity is when it's properly hooked up. And they will be servants of man not destructive elements but constructive elements -- servants of the mind of man.

And so it will be that one of these days you will find that every form of matter -- take gold -- gold which today dominates and rules man. It buys men's souls. There isn't a day of the week when men and women aren't selling their souls for gold or the equivalent of it. It's gold or its equivalent money that governments are using in this attempt to destroy each other or conquer each other. Money which is in that sense a devil will some day become just a pliant little thing in our fingers that we ourselves will use and have complete dominion over and it will never be able to buy us or bribe us but we'll be able to use it not to hold on to but to transfer and use for our purpose. Gold will be tamed so that one of these days it will be nothing more or less than an instrument for our use just like street car transfers that we don't hold to have any value but transfer that we don't use to have any value so it'll be with dollar bills or pound bills. They will no longer be powers. The power of the Christ will crush all power out of money as a force and it will become just a tool, just a servant that we can mold to our use.

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