Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1958 Sydney and Melbourne Closed Class - The Christ - 2
Master #201 - Tape 3 - Side 2

And so it will be that one of these days you will find that every form of matter -- take gold -- gold which today dominates and rules man. It buys men's souls. There isn't a day of the week when men and women aren't selling their souls for gold or the equivalent of it. It's gold or its equivalent money that governments are using in this attempt to destroy each other or conquer each other. Money which is in that sense a devil will some day become just a pliant little thing in our fingers that we ourselves will use and have complete dominion over and it will never be able to buy us or bribe us but we'll be able to use it not to hold on to but to transfer and use for our purpose. Gold will be tamed so that one of these days it will be nothing more or less than an instrument for our use just like street car transfers that we don't hold to have any value but transfer that we don't use to have any value so it'll be with dollar bills or pound bills. They will no longer be powers. The power of the Christ will crush all power out of money as a force and it will become just a tool, just a servant that we can mold to our use.

And so you are going to find one day that all forms of matter are literally going to be under our feet. Germs, we'll have absolutely no fear of them at all. No fear of them at all. We will have conquered them. I'm thinking right now of an illustration where for many, many years the Eskimo of Alaska was subject to tuberculosis and to such a terrible extent that the medical facilities of Alaska were inadequate to care for it. And a law was passed permitting these Eskimo to be brought down to the states for treatment and you know that within just three years in three years time tuberculosis had been so conquered that they had been able to disband this sanitarium and give it up and have no further need for it. And the very little remaining tuberculosis that there is in Alaska is so little that the local authorities can handle it and take care of it. Those germs have become subdued. They're no longer the master of the Eskimo - they are the servants. They no longer master them.

So it is going to be with all forms of disease. Neither will the calendar. The calendar is one of the worst enemies of mankind there is because every time you tear off a page it's like tearing off a page of your life -- there goes yesterday and fewer tomorrows. But that won't always be. That won't always be. A calendar will someday be man's friend and he will be in such complete control over time and the passing of time that time will have no effect on his mind or body whatsoever. And then instead of man dying out with either disease or age when his time comes to go into a higher experience he will make the transition the same as a child goes into the adolescent period. And the adolescent goes into the maturity period and then we go into the middle maturity period. So we will just on making transitions from one stage to another but that won't be while the calendar has power over us or while germs have power over us or while money has power over us or while bullets have power over us or bombs. It will be when we have dominion over the four temporal kingdoms.

When we through the Christ -- through the gentle Spirit -- the still small voice will be able to say, "Thus far and no farther. Thou couldst have no power over me unless it came from the Father." Now you can begin to demonstrate that any day of the week that you like. You can't prove it to its fullness because that comes with time and maturity and experience. But you can begin as of this very moment. And just remember that within you there is this gentle Christ which may be called the still small voice or the voice of the Lord. And that as you develop the capacity to hear It -- to listen to It -- that It becomes dominion over everything on this Earth, above the Earth or beneath the Earth -- the dominion that was given to us in the beginning when we were the image and likeness of God. Unto man was given dominion over these four temporal kingdoms. Everything in the Earth, everything in the sky, everything in the waters beneath the Earth, and everything in between, man was given God given dominion over. And the means of that dominion was the voice of the Lord. The voice of the Lord came to Adam and Eve. The voice of the Lord came to Moses to Abraham to Isaac to Jacob. The voice of the Lord gave Moses dominion over those horrible experiences in Egypt. The voice of the Lord gave Jesus dominion over food, over health, over death itself. The voice of the Lord does all of these things. There's a psalm, you can look it up in your concordance, I've forgotten which number it is but there is a psalm that is devoted almost entirely to the voice of the Lord and what the voice of the Lord does. And you'll be surprised what the voice of the Lord does. And in it you'll find also "he uttered His voice, the earth melted." That's the four temporal kingdoms. "He uttered His voice, the earth melted." All problems disappeared. All dominion over us was met and we were given dominion over these things. And so you see when people say that they haven't time for it, don't believe it any more than when they say they can't afford this or that. It's just a matter of what you wish to use your time for or what you wish to use your money for. We can afford anything and everything that we truly wish. And we can find time for everything for that which we really wish to find it for.

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