Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1960 Kansas City Practitioner Class - Treatment and Law to Grace - 1
Master #318 - Tape 1 - Side 2

And so it was that my life became a dedication to meditation so that I might learn the laws. I couldn't learn them externally because I hadn't been able to find them anywhere. And so I had to go within to see if it could be revealed to me what it was that brought these experiences. And, of course, the result of these meditations, the result of these many, many spiritual experiences some of which have lasted for a period of two whole months, some three days, some one day, some five days, these are embodied in my writings.

The first and most important one deals with the origin of evil, the nature of evil and how to deal with it. And strangely enough this contradicts every metaphysical teaching which is on the face of the earth today. This is a direct contradiction of the principles that are ordinarily taught because it says this -- "All evil regardless of its name or nature is impersonal." And that means that it is not your wrong thinking that has caused your troubles. And it is not your envy or jealous or malice. It is not your sensuality. It is not your lack of gratitude. It is not your anything. There isn't a single thing in you that is responsible for any of your ills. And the very moment that you seek within yourself or within your patients for the cause of the trouble you are helping to perpetuate it. And you're making it almost impossible to be healed. And when you do heal it's more or less accidentally or because you have caught some absolute statement of truth which has made you rise higher than your own beliefs. In other words, if you are a thief don't condemn yourself it is not your fault and it is not your nature. And if you are too sensual don't try to correct yourself and to be the opposite of that whatever the opposite may be. If you are envious or jealous or malicious don't try to stop it and don't try to make it something else because if you succeed you will just still be a human being with a little different qualities than you had before -- probably a little better but you'll still be a human being. In other words, you'll just be a person who has psychologized themselves into suppressing that which is within them until sometime it breaks out like Spring.

The evil that is finding expression in you, the error, whether it is finding expression as a disease, as a false trait, as an evil character, as a false appetite has absolutely nothing to do with you, it didn't begin in you, and you'll never root it out of you. You never will.

It was the reason that Dr. Menninger was able to say on a nationwide broadcast that in his experience in psychology not a single cure of anything has ever been achieved. Of course, we believe we're on the right track but in 75 years we haven't proven it in a single case. Why? Because the basis of it is that the error is within you and we'll find it and correct it. But they haven't found it in you and if they did they couldn't correct it.

Now then, evil has its origin in something that we may for this moment term the carnal mind. If the carnal mind means nothing to you, you can call it Satan. And if Satan is too far back in your religious life to have any meaning you can call it mortal mind. If you don't like Satan, carnal mind, or mortal mind, you can call it an appearance, a claim, or an illusion. The name you give it is unimportant. The important thing is to know that it is a universal impersonal source of any and every form of evil. Unless you can do that -- in other words, unless you can see a man stealing a pocketbook and then say, "Thank God I know you aren't the thief. The carnal mind is behind this, or mortal mind, or a claim." Unless you can separate that evil from that individual you haven't a ghost of a show of healing him. If you are confronted with a case of cancer and you are tempted to believe that jealousy, hatred, sensuality caused it, you haven't a chance to be a good healer even if accidentally you do heal someone once in a while because none of those things cause cancer. Cancers have been caused in newborn babies and they haven't had a chance yet to be hateful or sensual or anything else. And there are some mighty fine pure men and women in the world who have these diseases who never knew such things as hate or sensuality or jealousy to the extent of causing a cancer.

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