Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1961 Mission Inn Closed Class -
The Healing Principles (Special Lesson on Healing Work)
Master #405 - Tape 5 - Side 2

Those who have not spent considerable time practicing these principles will for a while forget and thereby delay the experience of good. And this is what they will forget. We do not look to each other for anything. And that means husbands and wives, parents and children. The very earliest that we can in the morning we open ourselves to God's Grace and consciously realize, that we live not by might nor by power but by the Spirit. We live not by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Nor do we live by the favor of individuals or the goodwill of individuals. Nor do we live by our place or position in life. We live by the Grace of God. Now if we are to live in the mystical consciousness we must abide in this that our expectancy is always and only from the Spiritual source that is within us. The Spiritual life, the Spiritual spring, the Spiritual bread, meat, wine, water. We must abide in this truth that "I have meat the world knows not of" and then be careful that we are not looking to a person, a thing, an organization, a relationship for it. Now when we are thoroughly understood this Oneness, thoroughly realized as if I were the only person in the world, and yet my good must flow, because it must flow from within me, not to me from anyone, but from me through me. When I have done that it makes no difference that my good will come in through people. It may come through you, it may come through other students, it may come through but it doesn't have to. There is no law that says so. There is no law that says, "I must derive my income from my work." No law, no rule says so. Because within me must be the complete realization that my manna can fall from the sky if it's necessary. Ravens can bring my food. My supply can come from a thousand different directions. Therefore, I need not look to anyone, yet of course, there must always be that sense of gratitude to those through whom it comes. But not the feeling that it comes from them. It comes through them, it comes from the center of my being because remember the word is "I", and "I" is infinite, and there is nothing and no one outside of me. Therefore, all that is to be mine must flow from the "I" of my being. Then when I do that I can be as free as I wish to be in sharing. And just as free in receiving -- grateful for the opportunity to share, grateful for receiving, but never for a moment moving to left or right from my inner conviction that I and my Father are one. And my good is derived from that relationship. The relationship of "I and my Father are one" is the source of my good. So with you. And, the importance of this is that when you demonstrate it, you are in the position of demonstrating it for those who come to you.

What are the problems of those that come to you? You will discover you could boil it down to personal sense, but personal sense means that there are two or more people. There can be man and wife. There can be parent and child. There can be partners in business. There can be capital and labor relations. There can be all kinds of human relationships and every one of them at some time or other is the source of discord and inharmony. And if you are called upon for help you have only one remedy to give spiritually and that is your realization of "I". "I and my Father are one" and in that relationship is infinite relationship -- the only relationship there is and so we don't have me and a God. And we don't have me and a partner. And we don't have me and another person at the conference table. We only have the "I" that I am infinitely expressed. Then when we sit down at the conference table, a unity unfolds, a oneness of thought unfolds, a mutualness unfolds. It does so not because anyone has psychologized it but because someone has realized there are not two at the conference table there is but one and I am that one. "I" God, am that one. "I" constitute me and "I" constitute you. "I" God constitutes individual being and until you reduce the relationships of everyone to one you are still dealing with a human world and trying to patch it up. Now you can succeed temporarily just as we have had the end of wars temporarily and then the start of other wars. But for permanent peace to be established in your household, in your community, in your business, in your profession, there is only one way. Don't have a patient, a practitioner and a God. Come to the realization that "I" am the only one. And when you are abiding in that I-ness, the infinite individuality appearing as two or more people will be one. One in purpose, one in solution of problems, one in will.

Now this embodies for a while a discipline, a training -- because every time we look out here humanly we see two or more. And what do we find? This one has a will in this way, and this one has a will in that way, someone else has another will, and you sit three people down together each with a will of their own and you've got a war. But the solution to it from your standpoint as a practitioner is don't have three people to the deal or thirty three. Resolve them into one by realizing there is only one life, there is only one mind, there is only one law, there is only one Spirit, there is only one will. And "I am" is that one. So whether "I am" is Joel, "I am" is Bill, "I am" is Mary, it is still "I am", it is still the one that "I am", and I am that "I am". Then you see you have resolved this thing to where you don't have patient, practitioner, and God -- nor do you have three people or thirty three people each with a will of their own. In a Spiritual activity you do not bring two together to make them one. You realize there was only one to begin with and "I am" that one. The "I" of me is that one. Then, you can say, "Thy will be done." "Thy will be done," meaning that "I" which is the "I" of each of us. And when thy will is done it is made manisfest in all who are concerned.

In this work health is only one of the problems that comes to us, and a great deal of the health problems are caused by personal relationship problems. Unhappiness in the home, unhappiness in business. And this works on the system eventually to bringing ill health. So try to see that every problem that is brought to you for solution involves reducing the appearance to one. And that one -- "I". In your own individual experience when you are dealing with people and can realize there is only one will -- only one will -- and the "I" of me is that will or the "I" of you. There is only one will. There is only one desire. There is only one interest. Within the "I" that I am there cannot be conflicting interests so there's no use of trying to reconcile them. Do not try to reconcile interests because this is psychology. This is a human patching up of the scene. There is no conflicts of interest because "I am" one. And in that oneness there can be no conflict.

The more you ponder in your meditation the great Truth of withiness, the closer you come to living the Spiritual life. The more you are able to perceive that it is He that is within me that doeth the works, or it is He that is within me that performs -- or perfects. It is He that is within me that guides, leads, directs. And then realize of course, it isn't a he because that would mean he and me. The he that were speaking of is the "I" that I am. The Selfhood -- the one infinite divine Selfhood that I am and you are. You begin to live from a different standpoint. Not the standpoint of getting, achieving, accomplishing, but the standpoint of being and sharing. Being! Nothing to come from without -- all to flow from within.

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