Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1961 Maui Advanced Work
God Made This World For Men and Women - 1 - Master #436 - Tape 3 - Side 1

If you are mind readers you'd all be laughing now. If you'd have read my mind it would have really been a vaudeville show for you because I was sitting here and I was thinking of the most tragic thing in the world that I could possibly think about. And you know what it was, it was a little chicken just before it bites its way out of the egg. I was thinking of this little chick, locked up inside of the egg -- the full and complete chicken. And I was trying to live its feelings, wondering a little bit really what it had to live for. If it looked around inside there it was pretty dark. It might even feel a sense of hunger and there was no food there. And above all things there was no companionship. Here's this lone little chick locked up -- tightly locked up in this egg. It had nothing to be happy about but on the other hand it had nothing to be unhappy about because it didn't know what it was missing. It hadn't ever known the world. All it knew was being locked up in there and not even knowing that it was locked up inside of this egg shell. Now as far as the chick is concerned, I could see that that chick in and of itself might stay there forever, just living in that darkness or living as long as it didn't starve. It might even find enough food in there to keep it alive -- not much more than that -- keep it existing. It wouldn't really be living it would be existing in there and of itself it could do nothing about it. There it is and there it's doomed to be. But fortunately, fortunately for these little chicks there is something beyond themselves. There is something that causes that chick to peck at the shell and to keep pecking at it until it breaks a hole in it -- until it sees some light. Oh, I suppose we could think of what goes on in a little chick's thought when it begins to catch that light outside and realize, "Uh, oh, there's something out there. Something I haven't seen, something I haven't felt, maybe some place I haven't been." And it keeps pecking away, it keeps pecking away. . .

Something is making it do this. We'll call it a force of nature like the unborn child just before it's born that is being urged forward, forward, out, out. Not of its own self, it knows nothing about an outside world, it has no desire to get out. Probably left to itself it thinks, "I'm pretty warm and comfortable here." But there is something urging. We call it a force of nature that eventually would compel that child to be born. Something would compel that chick to break that shell and come outside and find a great big world -- a tremendous big yard to go looking for food, and oh, the amount of food in that yard, and all the other chicks out there to play with, and some rain. You know more than I do, I've never been on a farm, but you know what things that chicks going to find in the first six hours that it's out of its shell -- more things than a child is going to find at the foot of the Christmas tree on Christmas.

And here it is now, no longer restricted, no longer bound, but with the ability to look out there and see a million things, and hear things, and feel things, and experience things in a great big world. And what made me think of all this was the fact that going around and around inside here has been a thought that men, women, and children are prisoners of the mind. Think of the average man, woman, and child, and see if they aren't locked up inside of their mind, and they know not what is going on in this world except what's going on in here -- what they're thinking, their own limitations. They are living in there restricted -- restricted -- limited. They don't know about the free world. They don't know about the coal in the ground, the oil in the ground, the diamonds, the platinum, the gold and silver and copper, pearls in the sea. They don't know anything. All they're doing is living inside here -- in a shell that we call the skull. And that's where the average person is living inside of their skull. Seeing only their own thoughts. Believing only their own concepts -- their own limitations. It's a terrible world to live in, the world of one's mind because that mind doesn't know anything beyond its own limitations. It knows nothing except what its experienced, or what its parents told it, or its Sunday school teacher, or somebody else that may have had a limited concept of the world. And so it accepts every kind of belief that's given to it. It accepts every kind of law of limitation. It finally settles down on a little plot of ground about 20' by 60' and calls it home -- lucky if they ever get one that's 100' by 100', or calls that home. They eat, they drink, they sleep, they have families, but they are on a treadmill. They are living a life of limitation locked up in here, not knowing a think about the great big world and the wonderful people in the world. [They] know nothing about the cattle on a thousand hills, the great mountains and the great seas, and even if they see them around they just see them as scenery.

Some few are fortunate that the law, whether we want to call it nature or whether we want to call it God -- something stirs inside of the mind and makes them wonder, "Is there something beyond this that I know? Is there something beyond this that I'm seeing with my eyes, or hearing with my ears, or thinking with my mind?" We call it a desire to know God or we call it a desire for Truth or a reaching out for Truth. Sometimes it comes in the form of ambition that makes a person want to break through their present circumstances and get out into a wider atmosphere of life -- a broader atmosphere -- something beyond their present limitations. Because remember this, there are no limitations.

Just for a moment take the blinkers off your own eyes and think of this ocean out front here, and the mountains around, and the world beyond the mountains, and the world beyond the seas, and notice. Well it might be a moonlight night -- notice the moon up there and it's shining on the ocean -- beauty. The pictures it presents to us of a vast infinity. Not only up in the sky but all around us in the sea or lighting up those mountains, showing us something so vast, so far beyond our immediate reach. Or looking away from the moon into the dark part of the sky and see those millions of stars each one a world, each one containing a story, each one containing an experience, each one telling us some kind of a story of its light, of its fire, of its being, of its reason for being right where it is, of that which caused it to be.

Come down again to the daytime. Let's travel a few miles around the island and see the vastness of space even on a small island -- the cattle on a thousand hills, trees, plants. And then begin to ask yourself why they are there. What they're doing there? What purpose do they serve? And what do you think the answer would be if you could view all of this and then say to yourself, "Supposing there were no men or women on earth, to what purpose would all of this be? To what purpose would all of this be? To what purpose would it be that there is a sun, a moon, stars -- that there's cattle on a thousand hills -- that there's tremendous trees of all kinds, plants, flowers, blooms, vegetables, fruits, diamonds in the ground, pearls in the sea? To what purpose if there isn't a man, if there isn't a woman, if there isn't what we know as human life on earth -- which isn't human life at all because once you begin to peck your way through this shell of the human mind and look outside -- you'll find that all of this is there for you and me. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, and Son, all that I have is Thine. Everything that exists, exists for you and for me. God has created a tremendous universe. But why? Why? Not only for birds to fly around in and fish to swim around in but that we should travel around in and own this -- enjoy this. And I don't mean own it in the sense of having title to a little piece of land because it is only when you travel up in these modern planes, 10, 20, 30, 40 thousand feet and look down -- even if you do say to yourself, "I own a mile of that?" you're a pretty puny individual if you think in terms of owning. But when you can look down on there and say, "I'm a mana woman. I'm a creature of God, and God made this for me -- for my enjoyment."

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