Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1962 Hawaii Student Group - God is Only in the Still Small Voice
Master #448 - Tape 1 - Side 2

It is only this realization that helps you in every department of your life. This realization of the nature of Consciousness. Because Consciousness is only conscious now. And, as you look out here at these trees, you can see that they are living now. They can't live yesterday and how starved they'd be if you spoke to them about living tomorrow. In order for there to be a tomorrow for them, there has to be a continuing now. There is going to be no tomorrow for all of this foliage, and all of these trees, and all of these birds unless it is a continuing now. And so there is going to be no after-life for anyone except as the after-life is the continuing of now.

Now watch what happens when I say to you that all that you behold out here of trees, and flowers, and birds is Consciousness expressing itself as infinite forms, and infinite varieties of forms, and infinite degrees of forms. Consciousness is appearing to you as trees, and mountains, and flowers, and birds. Consciousness is appearing to us as each other. We are only an infinite divine Consciousness manifesting itself in individual forms. The individual forms that appear as humans, animal, bird, plant life, vegetable, mineral - but Consciousness as form. The moment that you begin to perceive this can you see eternality? Because when does Consciousness stop appearing as form? No matter how fast the forms disappear, Consciousness bursts out in new forms.

We call this impersonalizing, and yet impersonalizing does not take away the love nature, it increases it. Because we can look beyond the human, animal, vegetable, that today seems to be so good and tomorrow so bad, or today so alive and tomorrow so dead, and we can love because we are loving beyond the appearance. We are loving the Consciousness that appears as infinite form.

And we are knowing that nothing can appear as form except in the nature of the Consciousness that is appearing. Therefore, we can disregard any negative appearances, finite appearances, unseemly appearances, sick or sinning or dead appearances, and only in this way can we obey the two commandments -- love the Lord thy God, love thy neighbor as thyself.

You can't love all the human beings on earth -- it's impossible. It's awfully difficult to love just one for a long period of time, we humans are so….whatever we are (laughter) that makes us sometimes unlovable. But we can love God supremely if we can see with the inner eye, if we can see that God -- Consciousness is really appearing as form. We can love our neighbor as ourself once we agree that Consciousness is appearing as our neighbor. Then, regardless of the finite or erroneous nature of our neighbor or other creation, we can easily realize then, that since this that we don't like is not of God, neither is it of man. If it is not in Consciousness and of Consciousness, it isn't expressed. For Consciousness can only express itself and its own qualities, and its own quantities, but it can only express itself now. And, there's the trap -- we're always thinking of betterment, of improvement, of changing, but that can't be true in Consciousness, that can only be true to the finite sense with which we watch this Spiritual Consciousness evolve as form.

Inwardly, in our Spiritual vision, we become detached from these evidences of sense, and in becoming detached we have of course the secret of the Spiritual life. You remember that the Master made it clear that only if you die can you experience life eternal. Only if you die and are reborn of the Spirit. Well, the only way in which you can die is to become unattached from the scene.

Let's use this example, "God is not in the whirlwind." That detaches us immediately from the whirlwind. We now have broken that sense of fear of it. God isn't in it. It hasn't any power. But temporarily we are now attached to the opposite which would be no whirlwind. So we go on from there -- God is not in the whirlwind, but God is not in the opposite of the whirlwind. For God is only in the still small voice. Now we drop the whirlwind, and we drop the not whirlwind, and instantly within ourselves we realize Peace. The still small voice -- the Presence of God is within us, and attachment is broken to this outer scene and by the time we look up again there is no more whirlwind. And whatever is there we are not attached to -- we continue to live in the world but not of it.

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