Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1962 Maui Advanced Work - Grace Not Dependent on Thought or Deed - 2
Master #450 - Tape 2 - Side 2

If we individually aren't demonstrating supply, it is not because we don't go to church. It is not because we don't attend the right church. It isn't because we weren't communed or confirmed or baptized. The world is still full of supply whether or not we've done these things. The answer lies in the fact that we have not known the truth. Now, when a person first learns the truth that the demonstration of supply always starts with one passage of scripture we begin to understand our failure to demonstrate supply.

"What have you in the house?"

What have you in your house?

Now just think, we should have realized this ages ago, that since God is infinite and since the promise is, "Son all that I have is thine", and that God has given man dominion, it must necessarily follow that man has dominion over supply and that man has an infinity of supply. And so, the demonstration of supply is dependent not on how much we receive but how much we give out because our storehouse is already full. God is individual consciousness. God is the source of supply. Therefore, individual consciousness is the source of supply. It isn't barren. It isn't an empty storehouse. Actually, God constitutes individual consciousness. Therefore, individual being is as infinite in substance and supply as God.

"All that I have is thine."

Now, when we accept that -- "I and my Father are one" -- not two. "I and my Father are one." Therefore, it is in this oneness that I have infinite supply. Now, to demonstrate that I have to start giving it, pouring it, sharing it. And I have to do it at every level of life. On the material level if I have a few drops of oil and a little meal then I have to begin sharing it -- giving the first fruits to God -- giving the first fruits.

But the giving and sharing of material possessions is, of course, one of the easiest of the demonstrations. But since God is spirit the major part of our demonstration is really at the spiritual level and that embraces going within ourselves and forgiving, sharing, serving, surrendering -- giving up those qualities that act as a barrier to the divine. Recognizing the spiritual nature of all mankind. And in every possible way pouring it out from within ourselves. Now there hasn't been anybody in the history of the world that has learned this that has known lack or limitation because even in a circumstance like Moses with the Hebrew people where there couldn't conceivably be the supply of food or drink, he brings it forth in what seems to be miraculous ways. Even with the Master in the wilderness where there wasn't an abundance it was brought forth if necessary miraculously. Or Richenbacher out in the Pacific Ocean where there certainly was no water or fresh water or food and yet they had water and they had food. So that it would be impossible to be anywhere where supply is not because it would be impossible to be any place where God is not.

Now just think that the demonstration of supply is based on one truth and that is that God or Spirit is supply. Now how much supply have we? God is the bread and the meat and wine and the water. So how much bread, meat, wine, and water do we have? God is the fortress and the high tower. How much protection and safety and security do we have?

Ah, but in our materialistic sense of life we say that a bomb proof shelter is security and we say that money is supply -- thereby, cut ourselves off from the infinity of supply that is at hand and which will manifest itself in the necessary forms. The moment that we believe that supply is some of its manifested forms like coal or oil or gold or silver or diamonds or bread or meat -- if we think of that as supply we've cut ourselves off from supply but it doesn't mean that there's any lack of supply. It's still infinite and it's still omnipresent.

There we go back to one of our favorite words -- omnipresence. What does omnipresence mean? The omnipresence of God. The omnipresence of Spirit. The omnipresence of Allness. The omnipresence of Life. The omnipresence of Truth, of Love, of Substance. So therefore the omnipresence of supply. Ah, but we acknowledge omnipresence in one breath and deny it in the next. But the secret of supply is acknowledging the omnipresence. Since "I and the Father are one," in that oneness there is the omnipresence of Spirit, and Spirit is the substance of all form. Therefore, having the substance of all form the form must appear. And our proving of that is not in looking to receive it. It is in seeking out the ways to express it. Of course, we may come to the end of our rope and believe we have nothing left but that can't be true because omnipresence is still there. The presence of God is still there. The presence of the bread of life is still there -- the wine and the water. So no matter how barren we become we still are filled and it means we have to search deeper until we find what it is that we have in our house that we are keeping dammed up.

Now supposing we learn this lesson and supposing we begin on some particular day and say, "Well, I will set aside so and so much percentage out of everything that comes in and give the first fruits to God and share the rest with my neighbor in accordance with love thy neighbor as thyself." And we get that part of it out of the way. And then we search around and say, "Ah, yes, but what measure of unforgiveness is locked up in me." And search around until we've got that all completed. And search around for some service that we either owe to another or even if we don't owe it, it would be loving to give it, share it. And keep on, keep on searching within our consciousness as long as there appears to be a lack. Because the only lack is in drawing it up out of our consciousness. The lack is not external to us. Now supposing we learn that lesson, we put this in to practice, and all of a sudden the abundance begins to flow. Do you not see that it never had been withheld because of God but because of our ignorance of truth? God wasn't withholding it and it didn't come to us because we did something to earn it or deserve it or be worthy of it. All we did now was come into the awareness of the truth that, "I already have it in the house."

Well, the same thing is true in healing of any situation of human experience. Whether it's a physical, mental, moral, financial, political, human relationships, whatever the healing may be. It is not because God all of a sudden deigns to do something. Nor is it because we all of a sudden have contacted God. It has to do with the fact that we have discovered the Truth and it is the Truth that sets us free.

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