Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1962 Princess Kaiulani Open Class -
The Temple of God and the Hidden Manna - 2
Master #474 - Tape 1 - Side 2

The armies of the aliens, outnumbered the army of the Hebrews, but their Master said, "Fear not, they have only the arm of flesh, we have this hidden meat. This is our strength, not weapons. Our strength is in the hidden meat, and in the wine and the water. And this they can't reach. Their eyes cannot penetrate to the invisible. Therefore our weapons can never be touched, destroyed, harmed, nor the temple which I am."

And they rested in his Word. They rested in this Word. They rested in the assurance, "They have only the arm of flesh, but we have spiritual manna, spiritual strength, spiritual numbers -- infinity." And then the enemy fought against themselves and destroyed each other so that the Hebrews did not even have to fight.

So do you find regardless of who you may believe your enemies to be or what they may be, do not depend on visible strength. Do not depend on your muscles or your arms, and even though your nation builds storehouses of arms, let your reliance be not on those arms but on the meat that I give you, on the strength that I give you, on the inspiration that I give you. I can give you meat, wine and water and if you will accept these you will never hunger or thirst. You will never want. You will never know unhappiness or failure. But you must accept the meat, wine, and water that I give you, not that the world gives you. And I give you hidden manna. I give you the Word of God which is, "I have meat -- now you are accepting this Word that I am giving you, and if you accept it you can then say, 'Thank you Father, you have offered me yourself. You have offered me the hidden manna of yourself, of your kingdom within me. You have offered me infinite, eternal meat, wine, and water, and I accept.' And from this moment on I will live secretly, silently, sacredly, in the assurance that you have given and I have accepted that meat which is Christ. That meat which is spirit. That meat which is the spiritual substance of all form. And I accept that as an invisible substance that man whose breath is in his nostrils cannot see, cannot fight, cannot reach."

It is therefore said in the Bhagavad Gita that, "This life of mine cannot be burned with fire, it cannot be drowned with water, it cannot be destroyed with a knife." Why? This life of mine is invisible, incorporeal. The temple which I am is invisible, incorporeal -- it cannot be drowned with water, it cannot be burned with fire, it cannot be destroyed by bullets, nor can my substance be taken from me, my supply, my home, my family, for this is the meat the Father has given me. This is the divine union of I and my Father. And in this union all that the Father hath is mine. In this union the Father says, "Son, thou art ever with me and all that I have is thine."

What does the Father have? Meat, wine, and water -- life, life everlasting, life eternal. I am come -- this meat the Master gave us -- I am come that ye might have life, that ye might have it more abundantly. What sustains this life? The meat that I have given you. If you accept the meat, the wine, and the water, you will never hunger again, you will never thirst again. But remember your values now are changed. You are not counting the dollars in your bank. You are not counting the investments in your vaults or your properties. You're not measuring by how many bombs the government lays up. You have made a transition in this moment to the spiritual life in which I am the temple of God. I am invisible, I am spiritual, I am incorporeal, I am the temple of God in which God dwells and I have within me that meat, that wine, that water which is spiritual and which is the substance of my external safety, security, abundance, eternality.

I have within me the substance of all form -- the hidden manna.

I am the temple of God and I have within me hidden manna.

That hidden manna is the spiritual substance, the meat, the wine, and the water of everything necessary to the harmonious, joyous, abundant life. I am the temple of God. God is in his holy temple and I have within this temple that I am, my hidden manna.

Now you know why our relationship with each other and our relationship with every Infinite Way student around the world is of a sacred nature because we are united together only by the spiritual bond of understanding, by the understanding of our relationship to God and thereby our relationship to each other. We are united in the spiritual understanding of the nature of God and the hidden manna.

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