Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1962 Princess Kaiulani Open Class -
The Temple of God and the Hidden Manna - 4
Master #474 - Tape 1 - Side 2

What has happened to our governments, to our churches, to our homes, to our marriages, to our families, to our business, except we have left God out. We have forgotten that, "Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it."

And now in order that the lost years of the locust may be restored -- in order that we may resurrect our bodies, our homes, our marriages, our business, we must turn now and live, because God has no pleasure in your failure. God has no pleasure in the failure of your business, or of your marriage, or of your home anymore than God has any pleasure in the failure of your body to show forth the glory of God.

Your body was meant to show forth the glory of God just as you and I are meant.

Why were we created? We were created in the image and likeness of God to show forth God's glory, God's bounty, God's grace.

"My peace give I unto you."

Of course, God has given us His peace. Therefore, to enjoy it we must know this. God has given me the life I am living and it is God's life that I am living because God could only give me His life. God has given me His peace so that I may have peace. God has built this temple of my body in which He may dwell -- His life dwell. Therefore, my body must be a fitting temple for the holy ghost, for the Spirit of God. God has built this entire universe to show forth His glory. God has built business, industry, art, literature, religion -- that God's glory may be shown forth, but until we accept, consciously accept God in the midst of us it is as if there were no God. As long as we are relying on our human relationships for our good we are not permitting God to build our lives and to function our lives.

Just as we in this room, meet together, pray together, meditate together, receive God's grace together, and unite in a most wonderful friendship, so do we understand that this is the limit of the relationship because our real life is lived in the consciousness of God's presence. Our hope, faith and dependence is not upon each other but upon the Spirit of God that in dwells me -- you.

God is no respecter of persons. Let it be clear that we are created equal in the sight of God regardless of race, religion, color. We are created equal in the sight of God but we only maintain that equality by maintaining the consciousness of God's presence within us. God has not removed Himself from the sinner, the sinner has removed himself from God. And the way is always open for a return. In that one single moment of turning, though your sins were scarlet you are now white as snow. Though you have kept God separate and apart from your life or your body or your business or your family -- in the moment that you turn as the Prodigal turned even in his deepest extremity -- in the moment that he turned he was on the way back to the father's house and the father was coming out to meet him.

In any moment, THIS MOMENT, of my turning, and recognizing God built the temple of my being that I am, God built the temple of my body, of my home, my family, my business, my marriage -- in that moment I am again accepting God as the very cement that holds together the edifice of my life. God is the very cement holding together the entire edifice of every department of my life, but I consciously must bring God into every avenue of my experience so that I make of myself what I originally am -- the temple of God.

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