Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1962 Princess Kaiulani Open Class - Ten Second Meditations - 2
Master #475 - Tape 2 - Side 1

Now it makes no difference how many saviours there are. It makes no difference how many spiritually illumined people there are. They can bring you a temporary good, a temporary healing, a temporary supply. But it is you yourself who live with yourself 24 hours a day. And the way in which you live with yourself determines the nature of your life.

Therefore, in addition to these longer periods of meditation, we have a way of life that enables us in the midst of our normal days living to assure ourselves of the fact that we are continuing in God's Grace and under God's Grace, and that is this -- we call this a ten second meditation. For this you do not have to close your eyes. You do not have to sit down. You can do it while you're driving your car. You can do it while you're in your office working. You can do it home cooking, house cleaning. Regardless of what you're doing with your body you can give ten seconds to this:

I in God and God in me. Where I am God is.

And that's enough. An hour from now:

I live and move and have my being in God. I'm swimming in an ocean of God, and God in me.

And that's enough. And another hour:

Underneath are the everlasting arms. Here where I am, God is.

And that's enough. Another hour:

I live not by might nor by power but by God's Grace. I can rest in the assurance of God's Grace.

Another hour, perhaps we can look at a tree. And realize that day or night the life of God is animating that tree and even if at this moment it seems barren, the very activity of God is the insurance or assurance that in its due season there will be fruit. And so if at the moment I appear to be barren of health or wealth or opportunity, I can realize that the presence of God in me is the assurance that in due season, I too will bear fruit richly.

So it is that never less than once in every hour there must be this ten seconds of conscious remembrance - I in God and God in me. Life by Grace -- not by might or by power. Put up thy sword. Stop fighting this world. Stop fighting yourself. Stop fighting God. Put up thy sword. Be still. Be still and know that I in the midst of thee am God. Just these ten seconds now and ten seconds then is enough to keep us consciously in the atmosphere of God, and to keep ourselves surrounded with the atmosphere of God.

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