Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1962 Princess Kaiulani Closed Class - The Nature of Truth - 2
Master #481 - Tape 2 - Side 1

When your eyes are closed and you can see something or someone desirable -- some condition desirable remember your thinking has made it so, it isn't so of its own accord and when you attain it you may well discover that it isn't so. Now, let us change this picture because all of this picture is in the realm of this world -- the world of the pairs of opposites -- the world of concepts. Now let us change that and this is what you do when you come to the spiritual healing ministry. You do not have pairs of opposites. You do not have sickness that you want to turn into health. You have no brass that you wish to turn into gold. You have no sin that you wish to turn into purity. As these touch your thought you dismiss them. Not this and not that. Not that and not that. Not this and not this. What then? Spiritual reality. I do not wish to get rid of this condition or to attain that condition. I do not wish to get rid of this lack to attain that abundance. What do I seek in my prayer? To know Thee aright. To receive Thy grace. To tabernacle with Thee. To commune with the Spirit within. These things I seek.

You have asked me for help. It may be something of a physical nature, mental, moral, financial, human relationships. But since my kingdom has nothing to do with these I'm not seriously thinking about your speech or your letter. I'm merely accepting and acknowledging the fact that here is an appearance of discord, an appearance of inharmony. And so I'm turning away from that now, not to change it into an opposite. If I succeeded I would still be in the realm of concepts. I turn within for the purpose of realizing the Spiritual nature of the universe -- the Spiritual nature of God's kingdom -- the Spiritual nature of God's children -- the Spiritual nature of God's grace or God's law. I turn within to know the truth. Not the truth about you as a person. Not the truth about your condition. The truth about God, and the kingdom of God, and the children of God, and the law of God. My prayer is an inner contemplation. And it lasts anywhere from a minute to all night depending on how long it takes me to find my inner peace.

Once I have found my inner peace, you aren't even in my thought. I am now present with the Christ of you -- your spiritual identity, your spiritual selfhood. Just as at this moment I am not aware of you as individual students with names. I am not aware of you as people with problems or even people without problems. No, no, no, as I sit here, I am bearing witness. I am really communing with your soul. Your soul has no problems. Your soul is not in any trouble. It's joyous and free. As far as I am concerned "the world" of this room is overcome. And I am in you and you are in me and we are in God, and it's a spiritual universe, and we are spiritual children of God sharing with each other. I am telling you of my experience with God's grace, and you're telling me of your joy in God. Your freedom in God. I am in the Father and the Father is in me. You are in me and I am in you and we are in the Father -- not your forms, not your figures, not your knowledge, just you. The you that God created in His own image and likeness. The you who was never born and will never die. You, pure spiritual being without opposite.

In my kingdom there is no youth and there is no age. I think that is why you'll find so many youngsters with us in our work. Because to me they aren't that. To me there is no youth and there is no age. We are children of God. We are spiritual offspring of the Father. We are the Son of God, the Christ of God. There's no one younger than another, no one older than another because there is no such thing as age in the kingdom of God. No pairs of opposites. No young and no old. No strong and no weak -- just one pure spiritual being. I am that. Thou art that. We are that. For we are one in our spiritual identity. One in the same eternal being. One in the same immortal being. In this consciousness there's no one to be healed. There is only the Christ of your identity to be realized. With spiritual discernment we can see through the shell of your appearance to that spiritual spark which is you. Know ye not? Know ye not that you are the temple of God? No one can ever say that to you while they are looking at your form. No one can ever say that to you when they're looking at your age or your bank account. No one can ever say that to you. It is only when they can see through the shell to the soul. Then they can say, "Know ye not? Ye are the temple of God. Know ye not? Your body is the temple of God." This is not the body you see in the mirror, this is the body that is invisible, incorporeal, spiritual, eternal. The body that you have and that you had before you were born and that you will have when you leave this plane. The incorporeal, spiritual body -- the gift of God.

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