Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1963 Instructions For Teaching the Infinite Way - God, Prayer -
Master #508 - Tape 4 - Side 1

Continuously I am receiving letters saying that so and so is using my books and not giving me credit, and so and so is quoting me, and my answer is "I didn't invent those things. They were a gift of God, but not to me. They were just a gift of God to spread."

Why do I copyright my writings? Well, don't think I copyright them so as to have an exclusive on them, but no responsible publisher would publish them without. So they have to be copyrighted. Aside from that I would prefer that they not be copyrighted.

Earnings? I would earn more if they weren't copyrighted because the little royalties that I get would be more than made up by people's gratitude for their healing and the regeneration that they get. And as a matter of fact, my biggest source of income is the voluntary money that is sent in to me. It's far, far -- many times bigger than my royalties. So if there were four times more books out, I'd have four times more earnings. Do you see that? So even from a selfish standpoint I wish they weren't copyrighted. But from a spiritual standpoint more so because any revelation that I have had, as you can see I can back it up with Jesus, and I could back it up with Buddha, and I could back it up with Nanak. See that? So that it didn't originate with me. It really just came through me. And so it isn't mine. And if they don't want to mention my name fine.

In the last analysis I explained to our students that Christ will be the only salvation of the world, not Jesus but Christ -- the Spirit of God in man. No man or woman will save the world ever. But every man and woman from the original Krishna down who has ever lent themselves to a spiritual ministry is a step on the stairway.

This world cannot be saved on the teachings of any one individual because they'd be locked up in a book or they'd be locked up in somebody's memory, they have to go into somebody else to carry out. Do you see?

Many of these teachings of Jesus were in the Hebrew Testament -- first commandment, the second commandment of the two great commandments - they didn't originate with him. Lean not unto thine own understanding, whither shall I flee from thy spirit - omnipresence, omniscience - it's all…and you'll find it in the Oriental scriptures too if you'll just know how to look.

So it is then that all these people have been contributors. But it is the activity of the Christ, the Spirit of God in man, that ultimately will save him from his mortality. We will only put off mortality not by humanly wanting to but as this Spirit of God touches us inside and puts it away. No man can of himself be good or worthy.

In Australia I was to meet a minister after his noon broadcast -- he'd been reading the books and wanted to know more. And so we listened to his noon broadcast and then met him at the radio station and we went for a long afternoon drive.

And the first thing he said was, "I suppose you could pick my remarks to pieces."

And I said, "No, no, no. I must say that I was in agreement with everything you said but one. And, evidently you have a fine ministry and are doing a great work. But there was one thing that you said that I could never come into agreement with. You told them that if they choose they could come to your church on Sunday and be on the right side as it were and so forth and so on -- receive the blessings and all this and that."

And I said, "That I'll never agree with. I do not believe that they have that choice or that they could make that decision."

"Why," he said, "that's the foundation of our Christian teaching."

I said, "Then your foundation is wobbling."

And just then there was a man coming down the street rip-roaring drunk. And he was in a horrible shape -- his clothing, his face, his conduct, everything.

So I said, "Let us pull up here to the side."

Now I said, "Sir, you have a nice church and a good family and what we call success in life?"


"And so have I, and so I'm very happy. You're happy?"


"And this [drunk] man is seeking happiness and a family and prosperity?"


"Let's call him over and tell him come to church Sunday and get it. We've got what will give him what he's seeking."

"Oh, no," he said, "I don't think he has the choice."

Of course he hasn't got the choice. Of course he hasn't. His consciousness hasn't even got in it an awareness that we exist or that we have anything, so how could he have a choice?

Now I said, "I can go back to my own younger days when people tried to convince me of going to church or doing this, that, or the other thing, and I had no choice I just couldn't go."

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