Spiritual Writings - Prayers

"Without the radical reliance and acceptance of the Immaculate Conception, there is no basis for prayer." -- Walter Lanyon

A Prayer by Juanita Ryan

"Give me the grace to care without neglecting my needs, The humility to assist without rescuing, The kindness to be clear without being cold, The mercy to be angry without rejecting, The prudence to disclose without disrespecting my privacy, The humor to admit human failings without experiencing shame, The compassion to give freely without giving myself away."

Archived Prayers
Prayer of Forgiveness
Called Forth!
The Lord's Prayer by Buckminster Fuller from "Intuition"
from "Thoughts and Solitude" by Thomas Merton
from "Meditations With..." by Meister Eckhart
Psalm 23 - A Psalm of David
Muslim Prayer for Peace
from "Melchizedek Truth Principles" by Frater Achad
"I am the place"
The Lord's Prayer from Aramaic translation
The Lord's Prayer by Mary Baker Eddy from "Science and Health"
"Keep Your Eye Unto the Light" from "Melchizedek Truth Principles" by Frater Achad
A Prayer by St. Francis of Assisi
from "That Which Is" by Alfred Aiken
4'33" by John Cage
from "The Laughter of God" by Walter Lanyon

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