from "Melchizedek Truth Principles" - by Frater Achad

I am now in the presence of Pure Being,
I behold no other radiance than the radiance of the Christ Light
Of which I am a divine part,
I am now fully conscious of the presence of the indwelling God.
I now behold the Living Christ of God, in whose image and likeness I AM.
I ascend in consciousness and stand before the altar
Which I have created through my desire of oneness
With Infinite Supreme Principle of the Universe,
That Principle which has brought all life into manifestation.
I am no longer part of doubt or fear,
I am at peace with all mankind through the Love of the Living God.
I behold nothing but perfection,
I see all mankind in perfect spiritual accord.
I proclaim peace on earth, as it is in Heaven.
Nothing can separate me from the Living God.
I send forth thoughts of Love to all those who may be
In understanding less fortunate than myself.
I bathe them, Spirit, Soul and body and see them continually bathed
With the Goodness and the Greatness of God's Love.
There is no confusion in the Universe. I see none, I hear none.
I hear but the voice of God and I feel the Presence of God's
Oneness throughout the Universe,
I see youth in all that which expresses Life, I see Life eternal.
I do not, I cannot behold or become a part, for myself or my fellowman,
Of that which man has learned to call death;
I see Health, Peace, Life in every full measure of abundance
Whereever Life is expressed,
I am one with the Living God; I see no defeat.
I do not know or understand what man has called annihilation.
Every good purpose and every good deed;
Every good act, every good thought, continues its growth
Throughout the Universe.
I am now in the Presence of Pure Being
And all of that which I shall ever become a part of,
Rests in the presence of Pure Being.
I know no malice, no contempt,
I am one with God and my fellowman.
So mote it be.

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