Keep Your Eye Unto the Light by Frater Achad
from "Melchizedek Truth Principles"

O Lord of Hosts
May my eyes wide open be
To see the Christ in every man of earth I meet.
O Lord of Hosts
May I rise from the small confines of self
To the selfless life in Thee.
O Lord of Hosts
May I resign-ed be
To speak in Love . . . the Love
Which Thou dost behold in me.
O Lord of Hosts
May I grasp the hand of my fellowman
In all sincerity
And seek no claim of reward
But that of Love from Thee.
And with the Christ, who in Jesus dwelt,
May I too learn to say,
"And I, if I be lifted up
Shall draw all mankind to me."
In selflessness,
O Lord of Hosts,
This prayer I pray;
A Christlike Christian
to ever be.

Amen -- Amen -- Amen

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